Design is more than an aesthetic matter. It builds bridges, creates synergies and is helping to give fantastic ideas wings. In a fast-paced world, it is now more important than ever to achieve target groups in the best ways as possible and, especially, to involve them in the development process of brands, products and design in general.

design strategies and the right methods help to generate important insights to create new worlds with passion and enthusiasm.

about formlabor

formlabor is the portfolio and research platform of Dennis Meier-Schindler. After educated as media designer and studying communications design at HTW Berlin and visual cultures and communications at Bauhaus-University in Weimar, he was able to work for clients and agencies such as MetaDesign, CDU, Zalando, Telekom, HTW Berlin, Uli Mayer-Johanssen and others.

Dennis is member at the Deutsche Designer Club (DDC) e.V. and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Designtheorie und -forschung (DGTF) e.V.

Portrait of Dennis Meier-Schindler by Paula Winkler / Zeit Magazin
© Paula Winkler / Zeit Magazin